About The Global Spaceport Alliance

The Global Spaceport Alliance (GSA) was formed in 2015 to serve the needs of the growing global commercial spaceport market. GSA provides spaceport stakeholders with the information to develop, fund, build, and operate their facility and to integrate into the developing global spaceport network.

The GSA hosts the Spaceport Summits annually in November with representatives from more than 20 international spaceports. In addition, there are three conference calls per year with GSA members that feature updates from the FAA and other guest speakers.


GSA provides the following services:

  • Member website: This website provides members with information and resources that will help them navigate the particular dimension of an emerging sector.
  • The Commercial Spaceport Summit: GSA is the creative force behind the Summit which is held concurrently with SpaceCom: The Global Commercial Space Conference and Exhibition. The Summit is a combination of an annual face-to-face meeting and two or three intermediate conference calls for members. Participation is primarily for spaceport operators or those considering a spaceport in their state or country.
  • Quarterly Conference Calls: These calls include updates on regulatory and other critical issues and featuring guest speakers from the FAA and other agencies and commercial leaders.
  • Monthly e-Newsletter: The e-newsletter features original articles by GSA members, as well as links to spaceport news stories from around the world. The e-newsletter also gives updates on upcoming GSA events and summary of past events.
  • Clearinghouse: GSA has resources that members can access regarding all aspects of the commercial spaceport marketplace. This includes c-level business executives and leaders from NASA and the FAA. These resources are supplemented with consultants and staff familiar with such issues as:
    • Regulatory and Policy matters
    • Funding sources and requirements
    • Diversification
    • Design and Construction
    • Business plan development
    • Operations
    • Connecting into other transportation modes

For more information, please contact James D. Causey, Executive Director, Global Spaceport Alliance at jcausey@spacecomexpo.com.