About GSA

About The Global Spaceport Alliance

In 2014, it became clear there was an element to the global commercial space economy that was underserved, namely the spaceport ecosystem and its eventual crucial place in the global commercial space economy.

Some of the existing organizations that focused on the commercial space sector did not provide a forum for commercial spaceport operators at all stages of their development to come together and privately discuss their progress, obstacles, and challenges.

Clearly, there was a niche for a new organization.

Consequently, the Global Spaceport Alliance (GSA) was formed in 2015 to fill this niche and a subsidiary of Space Business Network.

The Global Spaceport Alliance (GSA) is the voice of the global spaceport community.

Our vision is to be recognized worldwide as the official organization for spaceports and the spaceport eco-system.

To accomplish this vision we will provide members with the information, data, research and networking needed for the successful planning, funding, and operation of spaceports around the world.

All information and content created by GSA and its members are the exclusive property of GSA. Use of GSA content without the expressed permission of GSA management is prohibited.

GSA provides the following member services:

  • Member website: This website provides members with information and resources that will help them navigate the particular dimension of an emerging sector.
  • The Commercial Spaceport Summit: The Summit is GSA’s premier event of the year, usually held in conjunction with SpaceCom and Space Mobility Conference. Participation is open to members and non-members.
  • Webinar events: Webinars regularly throughout the year on critical topics of interest with expert guest speakers.
  • Monthly e-Newsletter: The e-newsletter features original articles by GSA members, as well as links to spaceport news stories from around the world. The e-newsletter also gives updates on upcoming GSA events and summary of past events.
  • Promotional opportunities: Opportunities to sponsor and promote your spaceport or company
  • Advisory Groups: GSA establishes Advisory groups of the membership to deep drives into critical issues, that include:
    • Commercial Spaceflight Research Alliance
    • Commercial Human Spaceflight Training
    • Spaceport Infrastructure Funding
    • Point-to-Point Transportation through Space
    • Spaceport Support for National Security
    • Academic Partnerships
    • Aerospace Workforce Development
    • Legislative Outreach, Engagement, and Education
  • Track: U.S. and International public policy and regulations impacting spaceports, and include member input into this process.
  • Reports: GSA periodically publishes specialized reports, such as Spaceports: Enabling the Space Economy (in conjunction with Edelman Intelligence) and the National Spaceport Network Development Plan led by GSA Chair George Nield. 

Global Spaceport Alliance Staff Contact:
James Causey, Executive Director, Global Spaceport Alliance at jcausey@globalspaceportalliance.com.
Steven Wolfe, Deputy Executive Director at swolfe@globalspaceportalliance.com.