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  • December: Space Rescue Service
  • November: Dr. Nield reports on his trip to Starmus Festival held in Yerevan, Armenia
  • August: GSA Participation at the Farnborough International Airshow a Success!
  • July: Announcing Farnborough International Airshow GSA Partnership
  • June: Identifying potential options for the funding of spaceport infrastructure.
  • May: “I recently went on a very interesting trip,” Dr. George Nield on his trip to space with Blue Origin
  • April: Don’t miss Dr. George Nield debrief on his trip to space
  • March: GSA Chairman Dr. George Nield to fly to space with Blue Origin
  • February: GSA Membership Caucus Report and Keynote Videos Now Available
  • December
  • November
  • October
  • September: Remembering former FAA-AST Associate Administrator Patti Grace Smith
  • August: The dawn of a new era of commercial human spaceflight is underway
  • July: Congressional hearing on commercial space transportation and the FAA’s responsibility to oversee and regulate the industry
  • June: Pandemic did not slow down space economy growth
  • May: SpaceX Makes a Historic Nighttime Splashdown
  • April: Improving prospects for point-to-point space travel
  • March: Advanced weather systems are critical to spaceport operations
  • February: Year begins with successful launches of Astra and Blue Origin
  • December: Another successful Commercial Spaceport Summit
  • November: GSA 2020 Commercial Spaceport Summit Details
  • October: FAA Approves Rocket Lab’s Operator License
  • August: Spaceport at Vandenberg Signs Landmark Agreement
  • July: Space Hub Southerland Signs Deal with Orbex Prime
  • June: Norway Stakes Claim to Spaceport Opportunities
  • May: Rocket Lab Tests Electron at Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport
  • April: Air Liquide Boosts Ventilator Production for COVID-19 Relief
  • January: GSA Issues Report: Spaceport: Enabling the Space Economy
  • October: Announcement of 2019 Commercial Spaceport Summit
  • September: Canadian Spaceport Gets Environmental Approval
  • August: UAE Promotes Multi-Mode Super Port as a Model for Spaceports
  • July: Houston Spaceport Breaks Ground for Suborbital Vehicles
  • June: DoD to Examine Use of U.S. Commercial Spaceports
  • May: Infrastructure Funding Available to Spaceports
  • April: UBS Predicts $20 Billion Market for Spaceports
  • March: Portugal Looking for Spaceport Partners
  • February: Colorado Air and Space Port Gets FAA Approval

Press Release

  • Feb 14, 2024: Global Spaceport Alliance Hosts Successful 9th Annual GSA Spaceport Summit
  • Nov 7, 2023: Jim Bridenstine Named Keynote Speaker for GSA Spaceport Summit, Part of Commercial Space Week
  • April 2022: Dr. George Nield Reflects on Trip to Space
  • March 2022: Dr. George Nield, Chairman of Global Spaceport Alliance & SpaceCom Advisor, Is Heading to Space 
  • July 2021: A New Era Begins at Spaceports

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