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GSA is a membership organization with members from around the world. This diverse audience includes spaceport industry professionals – operators, suppliers, and government and academic entities involved in the commercial space sector.

Here are our Government, Non-profit, Academic Members. All learning institutions, government entities and non-profit organizations who have an interest in growth and development of the commercial spaceport sector.


Arizona Spaceport Alliance

Arizona Spaceport Alliance

Arizona Spaceport Alliance is a non-profit organization focused on helping to establish & support world-class spaceport options in Arizona for the general benefit of the State of Arizona, its residents, and the global NewSpace sector.


Beyond Earth

Beyond Earth Institute

The Beyond Earth Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Our mission is to establish and sustain a policy and legal framework that enables economically vibrant communities beyond Earth. Beyond Earth focuses on catalyzing the technology readiness, worldwide public support, and public policies needed to achieve a permanent, sustainable human presence in space. Beyond Earth conducts primary and secondary research, then consolidates and publicizes reports and policy recommendations that are delivered and presented widely throughout the space policy communities in the U.S. and internationally.

BE’s leadership is dedicated to ensuring the team includes talented undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young professionals, who are developing the knowledge and skills to be part of the Beyond Earth generation.


City of Paso Robles

City of Paso Robles

The Paso Robles Space Innovation and Technology Park will serve as a gateway to connect the City of Paso Robles, a community that has shaped the future of wine and agriculture for over a century, with California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, one of the leading aerospace universities in the world, and the Cuesta Community College North Campus, a leader in services education, through the creation of an enterprising mixed-use community connected to an FAA licensed Spaceport, capable of operating horizontal access to deliver small satellite systems to space on a commercial platform.


FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation – NMSU

High Speed Flight-Fast Forward Group

International Technology and Trade Associates

Highlands And Islands Enterprise logo

Highlands And Islands Enterprise

Our purpose is to build and sustain a greener, fairer and more resilient region that benefits everyone. Our 2023-2028 strategy sets out a clear vision and direction for the next five years and illustrates how we will contribute to the delivery of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation.

We work with communities, enterprises, and stakeholders to unlock our region’s potential for growth and progress, while driving fair work and net zero practices. We will deliver through focusing on our four pillars: People, Place, Planet and Prosperity. 

As the economic and community development agency for the Highlands and Islands, we continue to be ambitious for every part of our region. 


We offer support and investment to a wide range of projects that will help us secure key outcomes for the Highlands and Islands:

  • a more balanced population and growing skilled workforce;
  • an increase in average wages;
  • an increase in economic and community benefit from our transition to net zero; and
  • enhanced productivity and innovation throughout the region.
Be a part of the voice of the emerging global spaceport community.
As the recognized and official organization for spaceports and the spaceport eco-systems worldwide, we provide members with the information, data, research and networking needed for the successful planning, funding, and operation of spaceports around the world.

Membership Benefits

  • Valuable networking with spaceport industry professionals
  • Exclusive opportunities to sponsor and promote your spaceport or company on materials and events
  • Ticket(s) included to the GSA Spaceport Summit*
  • A 25% discount for up to 3 people to the SpaceCom Conference* and the Space Mobility Conference* 
  • Inclusion for special panels (i.e. GSA Capitol Hill event) Opportunity to serve on a Advisory group or other special projects
  • Access to reports as they are released.

IQM Research Institute

IQM is a 501.C.3 non-profit organization providing applied Science and Technology Research and Development for Commercial firms and Federal Government agencies.

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan IQMRI was formed in 2014 as an outgrowth of the heritage ERIM organization, that since 1946, developed leading-edge technologies for the United States Government and Department of Defense application.


IQMRI’s technical efforts range from non-biased studies that support product development to hardware and software prototype demonstration efforts.

IQMRI conducts programs under strict non-disclosure agreements with Industry and classified programs with United States Government customers.


International Space University



Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation

“We are in the era of space use. We provide safety and comfort to every pioneer.
We realize new development possibilities utilizing the ultimate safety technology required in the space environment. We contribute to “space utilization” and “space reclamation” through our free ideas and exploring spirit beyond each specialization.”


Maine Grant Consortium

Maine Space Grant Consortium

The Maine Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) is an Affiliate-based 501(c)(3) corporation and a member of the national network of Consortia in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. The network is funded by NASA’s National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program (also known as Space Grant).  Space Grant was established by Congress in 1988 to contribute to the nation’s science and engineering enterprise.


Our mission is to:

  • Improve our Affiliates research infrastructure in areas of mutual interest to NASA and the state of Maine;
  • Encourage more students to consider careers in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); and
  • Enhance NASA’s presence throughout the State of Maine.

Our Affiliates are undergraduate and graduate institutions, not-for-profit research laboratories, state agencies, technology-based businesses and science and education organizations, all of whom help further NASA’s goals while benefiting Maine in many different areas of science and technology.

Puerto Rico Ports Authority

Puerto Rico Ports Authority

By means of Law 125 of May 7, 1942, as amended, the PRPA is a public corporation empowered with all necessary rights to develop, own, upgrade, operate and manage Puerto Rico’s air and maritime infrastructure in order to promote the economy and the well-being of its people. It is responsible for managing the main ports of entry and exit of passengers, goods, consumer products and raw materials of Puerto Rico.




REACH, the designated community support organization for Vandenberg Space Force Base, is a nonprofit economic action coalition working with federal, state and regional partners to build a thriving space industry on California’s Central Coast.


Rice Space Institute

Rice Space Institute

The mission of the Rice Space Institute is to become a world leader in space science research and space technology development by fostering interdisciplinary research and education in collaboration with academic, business, industry and government partners.  Our goals are to generate stronger research and education ties with NASA, industry, and academia, develop multidisciplinary research programs in science and engineering, facilitate space-related activities across campus, foster stronger collaboration with the humanities and social sciences, engage the broader Houston community in promoting and engaging in space-related research and education and work towards an integrated educational program (undergraduate and graduate) with NASA as a partner.


Runways to Space

Runways to Space, LLC was started in 2022 to help all people, regardless of background, that wish to be involved in the space economy and associated activities find a path to do so. LinkedIn.com/in/janet-tinoco-PhD-BSEE 


Space Nation

Space Nation

Space Nation Inc. is a space exploration training company providing extraordinary missions for aspiring astronauts, teams, leaders, and adventurers to extend the transformative benefits of space to a broad audience. As a pioneer in the space tourism industry, Space Nation has been accredited as the first space travel company to join the United Nations World Tourism Organization and established a collaborative partnership with NASA. 


Notably, Space Nation has organized astronaut-led expeditions in Iceland at the training grounds of Neil Armstrong. In 2018, the company launched a comprehensive mobile app for global astronaut training, which has been utilized by over 50,000 individuals to improve their physical, mental, and social capabilities. 

Space Nation’s ultimate goal is to establish communities beyond Earth, execute human-led industrial operations throughout the solar system, and unite people on Earth with the future by disseminating the life-changing benefits of space to everyone.

Space Port Japan Association

Space Port Japan Association (SPJ) was established in July 2018 to promote the country’s aerospace and related industries on a wide scale by opening Asia’s first spaceport in Japan with the aim of making Japan an Asian hub for the space travel business.  SPJ is collaborating with relevant companies, groups, and government institutions both domestically and internationally to support efforts to open spaceports at the earliest opportunity and to create business opportunities in Japan.   Naoko Yamazaki, a Japanese astronaut, represents the Director of SPJ.


Teachers in Space

Teachers in Space

Teachers in Space, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization in North America that stimulates student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We make this possible by providing teachers with real space science experiences, space flight opportunities, and industry connections. Our ultimate goal is to fly teachers regularly into space and return them to their classrooms.


Aerospace Corporation

The Aerospace Corporation

The Aerospace Corporation is a national nonprofit corporation that operates a federally funded research and development center and has approximately 4,000 employees nationwide. With major locations in El Segundo, Calif.; Albuquerque, N.M.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; and Washington, D.C., Aerospace addresses complex problems with agility, innovation, and objective technical leadership across the space enterprise and other areas of national significance.


Uruguayan Aire Force

The Uruguayan Air Force leads various legislative projects relating to the country’s space domain, and is a member of the national space policy board.  They are currently a member of a tripartite commission that studies the viability of a space port in the country.