Become a Member

The benefits of membership are outlined below.

Global Spaceport Alliance Member Benefits:

    • Attendance at the Commercial Spaceport Summit for up to 3 people
    • Inclusion in all webinar event activities
    • Access to the GSA database of all Spaceports
    • Subscription to GSA e-Newsletters
    • Track U.S. and International public policy/regulations impacting spaceports
    • A 25% discount for up to 3 people to the SpaceCom Conference
    • Opportunity to serve on a working group or other special projects
    • Reports: GSA periodically publishes specialized reports, such as Spaceports: Enabling the Space Economy (in conjunction with Edelman Intelligence) and the GSA National Spaceport Network Development Plan which will be re-issued in 2021.

GSA is a membership organization with members organized into the following category types:

Member: All spaceport facilities, whether operating, in development or proposed, are eligible for regular GSA membership.
Annual Dues: $1,750 for Member Spaceports (effective through September 30, 2022)

Associate Member: All companies that may have interest in doing business with spaceports are eligible for GSA Associate Membership, including facilities contractors, legal services, insurance services, financial services, vending operators, facilities maintenance services, etc.
Annual Dues: $3,000 for Associate Members (effective through September 30, 2022)

Academic/Government/Non-Profit Member: All learning institutions, government entities and non-profit organizations who have an interest in growth and development of the commercial spaceport sector.
Annual Dues: $500 for Academic/Government/Non-Profit Members (effective through September 30, 2022)