Advisory Groups

Be a part of growing the spaceport network!

We are looking for interested individuals and companies to help develop GSA in these areas:  

  • Commercial Spaceflight Research Alliance
  • Commercial Human Spaceflight Training
  • Spaceport Infrastructure Funding
  • Point-to-Point Transportation through Space
  • Spaceport Support for National Security
  • Academic Partnerships
  • Aerospace Workforce Development
  • Legislative Outreach, Engagement, and Education
  • Other  

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Commercial Spaceflight Research Alliance

Although NASA and the Department of Defense (and government agencies in other countries) spend a lot of money on space-related research, those activities are not necessarily focused on the challenges facing the commercial space community. One way to address that mismatch would be to create a new nonprofit, non-governmental organization to address the relevant problems. All interested parties from government, industry, and academia would be welcome (and encouraged) to participate in the new organization’s activities. It would be collaborative in nature and international in scope. Potential members and/or partners would include commercial spaceflight companies, government space agencies, universities and educational institutions, insurance companies, venture capital companies, industry associations, and individuals.

Human Spaceflight

Commercial Human Spaceflight Training

Spaceports have a unique opportunity to be hubs of Commercial Human Spaceflight Training. Spaceports may offer ground training and education, parabolic flights, safety orientation, analog mission simulations, flight simulations, neutral buoyancy tank experiences, and more. This advisory group will examine the range of options for spaceports to offer training opportunities for commercial and consumer customers

Spaceport Funding

Spaceport Infrastructure Funding

Spaceports have unique infrastructure requirements, which can often require significant investment. This working group will seek to identify common infrastructure needs and recommend potential legal, policy, and regulatory changes that could allow spaceports to better respond to the financial challenges they face.

Point-to-Point Transportation through Space

The ability to conduct high-speed, long-distance transportation, specifically point-to-point transportation through space, will be a major game-changer for the global space economy.  The ability to fly from one side of the Earth to the other in less than 90 minutes will radically change not only how we travel but how we communicate and how we do business.  This working group will address the issues relating to spaceport readiness for this exciting eventuality.

Spaceport Support for National Security

As the U.S. and allied military operations look to increase their space mobility capabilities and reach, civilian spaceports can be incorporated into the broad mix of national security space assets. The U.S. Space Force is already engaging with spaceports and developing the Spaceport of the Future strategy, which includes such things as interoperability and standardization. This working group will interact with national security personnel to help GSA keep abreast of the important developments in this area.


Academic Partnerships

Universities are ideal partners for spaceports, which will be hubs for innovation and the development of new technologies wherever they exist. This working group will discuss potential opportunities for academic engagement with current and emerging spaceports.


Aerospace Workforce Development

Spaceports are uniquely situated to collaborate with industry and academic institutions to address workforce development that can meet the demands of the emerging space sector. This working group will focus specifically on workforce readiness opportunities for spaceports. One example is how GSA partners with Spaceport America in New Mexico to hold a four-part web series for college students who participate in the Spaceport America’s Cup annual model rocket competition.

Legislation and outreach

Legislative Outreach, Engagement, and Education

Spaceports can serve as a tangible expression of the value of spaceflight. They can also play an important role in helping communities understand and take advantage of the tremendous potential of space, not only for local populations but also for regional and national economies.  This working group will focus on how we can best communicate that good news story, both to the general public and to government representatives and decision-makers.

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