GSA Webinar Series-UK Space Clusters

Creating Spaceport Space Clusters:

A look at U.K.’s space cluster development for Economic, Research, and Workforce Opportunities around spaceports

June 18 | 11:00 AM EDT

The United Kingdom has emerged in the last ten years as an important spacefaring nation. In its national space policy statement, the U.K. recognizes that space development will be a significant economic driver for the nation well into the future. With four spaceports in operation (three are GSA Members) and three more in the planning stage, the U.K. has a track record of engaging industry stakeholders and developing space economic clusters of innovation. This GSA webinar will explore the genesis of the U.K.’s commitment to commercial spaceflight and building a spaceport network. They will also provide some guidance and lessons learned for other regions seeking to do the same.


Dr. George Nield, Chair, Global Spaceport Alliance

Francis Walker, Associate Principal, Office Director — London, Corgan
Dr. David Alexander, Director, Rice Space Institute
Daniel Smith, Founder and Creative Director, AstroAgency
Gemma Wilson, Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager

Dr. George Nield

George Nield
GSA Chair 
Global Spaceport Alliance

Dr. David Alexander

Dr. David Alexander 
Rice Space Institute

Francis Walker with Corgan

Francis Walker 
Associate Principal – London

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith
Founder & Creative Director

Gemma Wilson
Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager