Ecuador Big Plans for Space Start with Growing Seeds on the International Space Station

By Robert Aillon, CEO, Leviathan Space Industries, LLC

On January 31, 2019, Leviathan Space Industries, LLC (LSI), made the announcement to send the first seeds experiment from Ecuador to space. The experiment will be transported to the International Space Station (ISS).

Leviathan Space Industries CEO Robert Aillon with STEM Students in Ecuador

This is an important milestone in LSI’s vision to create a space eco-system which enhances freedom, access, independence and safety for all humankind. It is equally important for our education partners. This was a Science, Technology, Education and Math (STEM) project in association with Unidad Educativa Javier located in the City of Guayaquil.

This education partner displays the importance of part of our initial plans is to engage the community. It is LSI’s belief the project displays an interactive way for multiple generations to learn the benefits space access can provide. Additionally, it is LSI’s belief that this project can unite the community and country of Ecuador for future growth projects.

LSI participated in SpaceCom last fall. SpaceCom is a commercial space conference where aerospace industry and government leaders come to meet one another in Houston, Texas. The conference resulted in LSI building relationships. One example is the service-based company named, Alphaspace LLC. Alphaspace, LLC has provided their Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) platform as the solution for this international opportunity.

Now, LSI is waiting for a SpaceX launch scheduled in the Fall 2019. It is our understanding, in November 2019 educational experiment, including the radishes seeds (Raphanus Sativus) will be launched to space! LSI’s education partner is interested in discovering what the seeds will experience. After six months of the harsh conditions of space the experiment will be returned to Earth.

LSI is excited about the future of the Company! Our team is taking to fulfill LSI’s vision! LSI will be participating in the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) during this Summer. LSI anticipates on presenting a research paper regarding Taxation on Space Assets and how it relates to Inheritance Tax on future Habitats. LSI continues to establish educational partners. Francisco Swett current Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Universidad Espiritu Santo (UEES) is collaborating with LSI in this research paper. Francisco Swett has previously served as Finance Minister of Ecuador.

Creating a technological hub is an integral part of our LSI’s strategic plan. As members of the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) in the City of Guayaquil, LSI are looking to play an important role as member of the Innovation Committee. LSI is contributing, encouraging, and assisting other local businesses during the year to promote a greater understanding of the opportunities that Space access can provide to their current business models. That is local businesses can have access to the Space industry.

LSI is focused on fulfilling its vision. During 2019 LSI will continue to build relationships with local partners, Academia, local businesses and Government. We are excited about setting our goal of our first launch of a commercial vehicle the Coast of Ecuador, target date early 2020s.