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On March 31, GSA Chair DR. GEORGE NIELD made history when he flew into space aboard the Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft. In this webinar program, Dr. Nield will debrief members on his mission to outer space. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions and find out what it was like to reach the edge of space.

New spaceports have had an exciting and challenging period of growth in the past 10 years, both in the U.S. and internationally. What happens when community enthusiasm is met with community skepticism and scrutiny? How do spaceport operators keep their focus on the promise of regional economic development even as some in the region doubt that potential? This GSA panel discussion will explore some of the persistent challenges that spaceports are experiencing and the ways that operators everywhere can work to overcome them.


Moderator: Jeff Foust, Senior Staff Write, SpaceNews

Pamela Underwood, Director of the Office of Spaceports FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation

Steve L. Howard, Executive Project Lead, Spaceport Camden

John Paffett, Managing Director, KISPE LTD – Spaceport Cornwall