The Hague Institute and Global Spaceport Alliance announce partnership

Hague Institute


The Hague Institute for Global Justice (THIGJ) and the Global Spaceport Alliance (GSA) are pleased to announce the formation of a partnership to enable the near-term testing and operations of vehicles capable of performing point-to-point transportation through space. Although industry is making rapid progress in developing the technologies needed for such missions, there is currently a significant legal and policy vacuum in this area which could negatively impact their application.

United in purpose, THIGJ and the GSA plan to harness their collective expertise to forge an intellectual bedrock for a strategically innovative, yet judicious, bottom-up methodology. This collaboration is intended to serve as a beacon, illuminating the path forward for operators, while safeguarding the critical interests of civil society and governments.

As a first step, THIGJ and the GSA will concentrate their efforts on developing a roadmap that will address the pressing need for a comprehensive legal and policy framework. The roadmap will identify the actions required in order to allow society to benefit from the ability to transport cargo, and eventually people, on high-speed, intercontinental flights via outer space.


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Established in 2015, the Global Spaceport Alliance has become the largest network of spaceports in the world. Members include spaceport operators, suppliers, and government and academic entities involved in the commercial space sector. GSA offers members timely access to information, the ability to engage with key decision makers, and the opportunity to participate in working groups targeting specific areas of interest to the spaceport ecosystem.